Fish Lake Michigan From The Port of Ludington !

July 21st

  • By Gary Smith
  • 08 Aug, 2017
Thank you Brad, Blake, Tom And Joanna for joining Captain Joe & Brian yesterday. Fishing was slow Thursday with some big rolling waves making a difficult troll !

Fishing Report - RodMaster Fishing Charters

By Gary Smith 09 Aug, 2017
Fishing report for August 8th
Thank you to our friends from Western Ohio Steve, Kasey, Ron, Mark, and special guest exchange student Yoshiyasu from Japan for fishing with us today ! We started in bumpy waters to the south of harbor and worked 100 to 165 fow. Yoshi battled a 22 lb plus king to the box and we ended 6 for 11. Bites cane on low diver out 185 with 10 inch dreamweaver fog spindoctor / Squid teasers and frog meatrig, 10 inch yellow NBK spindoctor / uv ice meat rig, low diver 150 ft with white uv 10 inch dreamweaver spindoctor / green meatrig , high diver out 150 with uv slick 10 inch spindoctor / pickled sunshine fly, Rigger down 50 with Blue dolphin dreamweaver spoon, 200 copper / dreamweaver gold starburst spoon, 400 copper with moonshine fishtastic spoon.
By Gary Smith 09 Aug, 2017
Fishing report for Monday August 7th PM
Thank you Doug and Kelly for fishing with us this evening ! The fish were cooperative and we ended with a nice catch. Hits came on 250 copper with reg wart frog spoon, 200 copper with black night plug, rigger at 75 with Dreamweaver SS green jeans spoon, low diver 150 with black UV spindoctor and meatrig.
By Gary Smith 08 Aug, 2017
Fishing report for August 7th
Thank you Lois, Bob, Steve and Genevieve for fishing with us today! We fished south of Ludington and worked 65 to 115 fow. The big kings got the best of us with one wrapping around the rigger before breaking off, one hanging the hooks in the net and another breaking the leader just short of being netted ... errrr! With that we did manage 6 nice silver fish into the box out of 14 bites. Fish came on: Downrigger at 50 with dream weaver super slim w onder bread spoon on main and one stacked 10 feet above, low diver out 180 with 10 inch yellow NBK spindoctor / uv ice meat rig, high diver out 215 with 8 inch blue bubble spindoctor / custom blue super slim spoon, Downrigger 115 with 8 inch chrome spindoctor / blueberry Whirlygig, Downrigger 70 with green ladderback plug, low diver 185 with 10 inch uv slick spindoctor / green moo moo meatrig, high diver 180 with 8 inch green paddle / blue Howie fly , 300 copper with yellow splatter back plug and 100 copper with lucky charm plug.
By Gary Smith 08 Aug, 2017
Fishing report August 6
Thank you Heather, Edward , Jennifer, Dennis, Eddie, and Everett for fishing with us today. Bite was slow but we picked away and this team kept them on the lines! We fished south in 45 to 130 fow. Bites came on 150 copper with yellow splatter back plug, rigger at 45 with froggie spoon as slider, 4 color leadcore with naked jordo spoon , 100 copper with lucky charm plug, high diver out 90 with dreamweaver green dolphin spindoctor / pickled sunshine fly.
By Gary Smith 08 Aug, 2017
Fishing report for August 3rd
Thank you to the Robert Houlding family for joining us on today's fishing adventure! The bite was fast and furious for captain Joe and mate Hunter this am with 7 fish on at once ! Their expertise with Chinese fire drills resulted in six of those in the box with biggest at 23 lbs. Final count was 7 for 9 fishing in 30 to 100 fow along the shore line. Bites were on :
3 color leadcore / wonderbread plug, 5 color leadcore / blue splatter back plug, High diver with uv slick 10 inch spindoctor / pickled sunshine fly, Rigger 25 ft with green glow plug, Rigger 25 ft with fishtastic moonshine spoon ,
High diver with green dolphin spin doctor / pickled sunshine fly,
100 copper with Wonder bread #3 j plug.
By Gary Smith 08 Aug, 2017
Fishing report for August 2nd
Thank you Jennifer, Mike, Jon and Alex for joining us. The fish were not cooperative with us today. We started in PM Lake and immediately had a rip on 3 colors leadcore with Wonderbread plug. Shortly after we took a nice king on a 4 color leadcore with mixed veggie Captain choice plug, several rounds later we toiled with a nice one on a high diver out 65 with uv white slick 10 inch spindoctor / green moo moo meatrig. The bite shut down do we ra n to the 00s and set up in 100 fow. After trolling for a couple hours with no bites we pulled and ran south to 200 fow. We hit a nice steelhead on a three color leadcore / green jeans moonshine spoon and he spit the hook after a run and 3 jumps, circling back we hit another fish on 350 copper with 8 inch Dreamweaver Spindoctor dragon slayer / green mile meatrig. .. that one twisted off also.
By Gary Smith 08 Aug, 2017
Fishing report for August 1st
Thank you Ed , Pat, Angie and Nolle for joining us today! The fishing experience was great however the catching was in the favor of the fish. We fished north of big point and had 11 bites with several big fish on, then escaping. In the end our box contained 2 kings and 2 coho. Our bites came on Downrigger 43 with green ladderback plug, Downrigger 45 with dreamweaver wonderbread spoon as freeslider, high diver out 100 and 140 with 10 inch black slick spindoctor / pickled sunshine fly, 8 color leadcore /green yellow speckled plug, low diver out 110 with Kevins girlfriend 8 inch Dreamweaver Spindoctor / green mile meatrig , low diver out 165 with 10 inch netminder spindoctor / blue fairways meat rig, 200 copper with 8 inch blue bubble spindoctor / blue bubble fly.
By Gary Smith 08 Aug, 2017
Fishing report Monday July 31st AM
Thank you to the Mark Crosby team fo r joining us today! We worked the pier head then ran out to fish 100 to 200 fow . We ended 9 for 14 Bites. fish hit 3 color leadcore /glow plug with grey ladderback..Rigger at 15 with green glow plug, High diver out 150 with uv spin doctor / pickled sunshine fly
150 cooper with mag green shorts
High diver with blue bubble spin doctor with a custom ss blue green dolphin
Low diver with Mountain Dew nbk w ith uv ice meat rig
High diver with green paddle howie fly , Low diver chrome killer uv ice,
200 cooper Mountain Dew salmon slayer green ice
Report submitted by First Mate Hunter
By Gary Smith 08 Aug, 2017
Fishing report Sunday July 30th AM
Thank you Jamie, James, Allan, Tim and Robert for joining us today. We ended with a very nice box of six fish with several bites .... including a 23 lb king .. despite a tough bite today. Bites came on 200 cooper with mag moonshine green shorts spoon,
High diver 150 with uv 10 inch slick spin doctor / pickled sunshine fly,
Rigger 50 with uv black slick 10 inch spindoctor / pickled sunshine fly, 3 color leadcore / gold starburst spoon and150 copper / green splatter back j plug. Report and photos compliments of Captain Joe and mate Hunter.
By Gary Smith 08 Aug, 2017
Fishing report for Saturday July 29th AM
Thank you Adam, Andrew, Ken, Jake, Zach, and Mason for joining Us today. . You are an awesome fishing team. We feel very blessed today by the fish gods and our mojo was flowing with 21 fish on and boating 17 !! We fished 100 to 200 fow and our bites were on:
150 copper / flounder pounder moonshine spoon, 10 color leadcore with 8 in Mountain Dew slick spin doctor / green strong fly,
High diver 150 with dreamweaver black slick spin doct or / pickled sunshine fly, Downrigger at 70 with 11 in black slick paddle / pickled sunshine fly , Rigger down 50 with moonshine green jeans spoon on free slider, Low diver 100 with dreamweaver chrome killer / uv ice meat rig, High diver 150 ft with white slick 10 in spindoctor / pickled sunshine fly, 200 copper / moonshine green shorts spoon. Fishing report complements of first mate Hunter.
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