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Facts to Ponder on Proposed DNR King Salmon Cuts

  • By Gary Smith
  • 11 Sep, 2016

Review the facts, and if you believe what we believe join us at

 OK ... held my thoughts from text long enough. Please be thoughtful of these points when expressing your opinions..
Lake trout have been planted at +3 mil a year for over 10 years
Totals for LT are are over 50 Mil planted in 20 years
The DNR decides how many LT and where to plant
There has been known natural reproduction of LT for many years
Some areas as high as 50%
They live for many years .. we caught some this year aged at 25 +
Many research papers suggest diets of alewives in LT at 40 to 60 %
Diets of all are estimated /measured by stomach caught / harvested fish?  
If so, what are they really eating at all other times?
The predatory inertia of LT is huge.. hard to impact changes quickly.
So why have we waited so long for any changes?
1985 rehabilitation plan for LT (nothing changed in their world since then) ? If so, is that responsible management?
Estimated tonnage in Lake Michigan of LT is nearing King Salmon  
Those estimates are truly "ESTIMATES" no one knows real numbers but many think it is low
Current proposal for increased harvest and reduced plantings of LT will have minimum to no impact on Lake wide numbers.
I do like fishing for LT on a limited basis and eating them... but
Most people that fish with me, approximately 300 people / year, prefer catching kings  
Only way to get our LT portfolio numbers in Balance quick under this "emergency situation for bait" is immediate commercial harvest.
There is a research paper by "scientist" that suggest part of the demise to alewives and salmon in Lake Huron was a phenomenon called the "predator pit" LT and walleye numbers climbed so high that when alewives dipped low ... consumption by these two predators stomped reproduction of alewives.
Alewives have been "birth control" pills to LT... what happens when alewives are low?  
Alewives populations are trending lower than they have been. There is no way to know the exact number in the lake.
All numbers are "estimates" based on an ACCURATE number of LIMITED trawls and soundings. How much do the trawls and soundings cover, 300 to 600 miles a year? How big is the Lake... 22,300 square miles or 1,180 CUBIC MILES.  
Estimates could be HIGH or LOW for predators and bait
We know as fisherman the lake has changed greatly.. we have to fish different and wander more to find fish... it moves a lot.
This all effects accuracy and causes variation.
We are making estimates on estimates.. agreed its the best we have.
There is Natural reproduction of King in the world can you accurately measure that???? with out counting smolts !
Mother nature probably causes wide swings in natural reproduction of King salmon.
Facts are being thrown in % of natural reproduction of kings... be careful.. thats based on number of kings caught and checked.. they should say 60% of kings checked at boat ramps appear to be natural... the rest is "assumed"
Part of the natural king reproduction is from planted fish ! How do you think the natural repro started?
Would "0" plants begin the dwindle demise of " natural reproduction" ?
JUST MY THEROY... LT are also predators of our salmon smolts and brown trout plantings. They are "opportunistic!
It is a "numbers" game... what is the tipping point for planting and natural returns?
Kings are king... they are probably the most valuable of the species for our total Lake Michigan Sport fishery and economy.
So WHY do we keep picking on Kings for more reductions?
Lets get our lake in total balance for the most valuable species!!!
If the bait is truly in a crisis situation, does the DNR need to get out of the "BOX" for change?

Fishing Report - RodMaster Fishing Charters

By Gary Smith 27 Jun, 2017
Thank you Jamison, Greg, Zach, Bob, & Manya for joining us this weekend. Too rough to fish the AM.. so we fished from 12 to 5 PM.
Again 80 to 100 fow is loaded with bait and prey fish. We managed to entice 17 bites and get 12 in the net ! Bites came on low and high divers bouncing bottom with Dreamweaver 8 inch spindoctors in chrome, twoface, and Dark green all with Whirligigs in uv lime, uv green, chrome blue dots, greasey chicken wing dodger/ orange spin n glo, 350 copper with 8 inch Dreamweaver uv fishscale spindoctor / Whirligig, Downrigger down 69 ft with Dreamweaver 3 days at sea spoon on freeslider and Downrigger bouncing bottom with 8 Inch NBK spindoctor / uv lime Whirligig.
By Gary Smith 27 Jun, 2017
Fishing Report 6-23 PM
Thank you Jimmy, DJ ,Lilly and Kevin for joining use this evening.  
Out of 8 bites we put 6 fish in the box. Bites were on wire divers bouncing bottom with 8 in chrome spindoctor / uv lime green Whirligig and chicken wing dodger / orange spin n glo, Downrigger at bottom with 8 inch Dreamweaver NBK spindoctor / uv green Whirligig and Downrigger at 64 with moonshine flounder pounder. Fished from 60 to 100 fow.
By Gary Smith 27 Jun, 2017
Fish on for Freedom today big thanks to Veteran and Captain Joe Marion and first mate Jay Funk for treating veterans Michael, Larry AND Gary to an awesome fishing experience. This crew boated 12 fish. Thank you veterans for all you have done
By Gary Smith 27 Jun, 2017
Fish on for Freedom today Captain Gary was aboard Lie a lot charters with Captain Mike Darke . Awesome trip with veterans Nicole, Jon, Ron, Stan, and Greg. The crew boated 19 fish! Thank you for your service!
By Gary Smith 22 Jun, 2017
An awesome Day On The Water with Pam, Levi, Carlie, Ben and Kylee. They boated 9 fish of the 17 that bit. Biggest was Levis 17 lb 3 oz Lake Trout. We fished 80 to 130 fow slightly north of harbor.
Bites came on wire divers bouncing bottom with 8 inch Dreamweaver Spindoctors in chrome, mountain dew, twoface, NBK / Whirligigs, and chicken wing tin can with orange spin n glow. Downrigger bouncing bottom with two face spindoctor / Whirligig. Downrigger down 70 ft with Dreamweaver Super Slim candy crush on freeslider.
By Gary Smith 22 Jun, 2017
Those BIG Lake Trout are cruising the area... 17 lbs 3 ozs.... Levi's first Lake Michigan Fish !
By Gary Smith 22 Jun, 2017
Good time fishing with the Beste team today.. thank you guys for joining us! The wind and waves didn't cooperate with us and we had lines in the water only 45 minutes. .. long enough to boat 3 lake trout. Bites came on Dreamweaver 8 inch spindoctors in chrome / UV lime Whirligig , Two Face / UV lime Whirligig on low wires bouncing bottom and a silver green stinger stacked 6 feet above Downrigg ball bouncing bottom.
By Gary Smith 22 Jun, 2017
Fishing report June 19
Thank you Matt 1, Matt 2 and Adam for joining us today! Fishing....bite ... was steady and we boated 13 of the 20 bites we had for a nice mix of lake trout and salmon. Fished in 96 to 110 fow.. Marked a fair amount of bait. Our bites came on Dreamweaver 8 inch spindoctors chrome, green NBK, and two face with UV lime green Whirligigs and chrome lime green Whirligig bouncing on bottom with chute rigger and low divers, high divers out 240 Kevins girlfriend spindoctor with green mile meatrig and high diver out 180 with blue bubble spindoctor / blue bubble fly, Downrigger down 80 with green jeans moonshine regular spoon, 400 copper / green echip paddle / blue Howie fly.
By Gary Smith 22 Jun, 2017
Fishing report for June 16
Thank you Don, Don, Russ, AJ and Matt for a memorable experience today!  
We fished slightly north today in 150 to 250 fow. Fish were finicky we had 10 bites and 6 fish. Bites came on Downrigger 40 ft down on free slider with Wonderbread dreamweaver spoon, 300 copper with Happy meal mag moonshine, 250 copper with orange / green Proking, low wire out 200 ft chrome 8 in spindoctor / UV kelly green Whirligig, low wire 240 ft with 10 in Dreamweaver Netminder spindoctor / blue fairways meat rig, Downrigger 120 ft with NBK green 8 in spindoctor / UV lime green Whirligig.
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