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Ok Grandpa Tom I will keep the rod up!
WOW thats a lot of work.
Kibby Creek Team 8-24-05
I am telling you, it has to be almost in!
Hang on Anna, we finally got a fish for you.
Dan, Mike, Tony, & Anna 8-24-05
I am not letting this
get away!
Richard, Jerry, & John 8-25-05
WOW, those
fish do like
Martins first King
Three Generations: Bruce, Martin, &
Ralph Butler 8-25-05
This fishing is a team effort....
Dan, Todd, Mark, Brian, & Ron 8-26-05
Richard & Lawanna Randall 8-27-05
Nice job Gunner & Parker!
Mark, Gunner, Parker & Jack 8-27-05
Ken & Aaron hang on during a rough
water morning
Hang on tight Mark
The Gasper Team: Ken, Aaron, Wade,
& Dennis  8-28-05
Rough morning blues.....
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